This might be my most favorite look of the week, I’d be glad if you don’t ask why am I wearing another brown and black over and over again. It’s just perfect, okay? And let’s talk about the waist bag.

I got a feeling that you might think that I wear this same shoes again and yes, I really am loving this converse. Anyway, it was a great day in Jakarta so I chose to take a walk and enjoy some pizzas. I wore all brown that day with a little touch of ring and bracelet for accessories in Indian kind of style. But overall I like how it looked simple and the brown kinda looked darker. And about this cute waist bag, it’s so simple and it fits perfectly for my phone and some of my makeup. There are some waist bags that are either too big or too small which are not my favorite, but this one is just perfect!
you can buy this waist bag here in two different color, brown and black.

I bought this top from Zara and the trouser is by Mango from Zalora but now they’re out of stock so that I have some similar product to it that you guys might like. Don’t forget to put my voucher code “zaloraxfira” ( DISCOUNT 15% ) if you’re about to check out,

Have a nice day and happy shopping!

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