So this is where I mostly do my makeup. It’s my little dressing room that is hidden between my wardrobes which in my room there are 4 wardrobes and one of them is this little favorite spot that I love. It’s quite interesting because of how it looks more like a wardrobe instead of a little dressing room I use for doing most of my makeup because even though it’s such a tiny space it fits all my makeup and skin care collection just nice. I’m more of a minimal person when it comes to both skin care and makeup so I like to keep the important ones in there too. Inside this little dressing room, I like to keep my favorite pair of shoes, sunglasses and more. Tell me what’s your favorite space to do your makeup down below!

3 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE CHAMBER”

  1. oh my god! so minimalist i love itttt and i love the vibes of the pictures you have taken! By the way kak, kamu kalau beli pashmina yg bahannya tidak licin (warna coklat yg kamu pake) itu dimana ya? dan juga blazer pink yang pernah kamu post di instagram jg beli dimana ya? Please enlighten me :> i really love your style! May Allah always bless you, dear <3

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