I know it’s such a rare thing for me wearing this pattern and I would really like to try it, wearing leopard print, stripes pattern or polka dot. This is the year where I’m about to try to wear a lot of different color without changing my style. Why? Because why not.

I went to Kuala Lumpur a couple days ago, to visit old friend and just strolling around the city, you might notice that I go there quite a lot either with family or friends, but this time I went there with my lil’ sister only.
I had a brunch at Birch while I was there and that place was lovely, I also saw a lot of good reviews on the internet. I ordered rice with kimchi and crab along with half boiled egg on top, also a burger and french fries. It was delicious! I knew kimchi from Korean drama and when I first take a bite on it, I fell in love!

So for my outfit of the day, it was a brown scarf to match my leopard top, with my rustic blazer from Zara which is so nice and honestly it didn’t make me feel hot because the fabric is so comfortable, my favorite cream trouser and black heels. It seems to me like I’m about to go for a meeting wearing this black, but when I added the leopard pattern, it turned out to be pretty and not-so-boring after all, don’t you think?
So, what do you think? Should I try another new different pattern? I feel like sometimes it’s good for stepping out of my comfort zone. I thought I’d look somehow tacky wearing a leopard pattern, but when I actually wearing it instead and mix it with the right color, it looks fresh and fun.

I think you guys also need to try some new things for your style! Who’d have known maybe it’ll turn out better than you think you were

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